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Congratulations to our newest board members
by posted 08/22/2019

Congratulations to the following newly added Board of Directors Members:

Mike Stone

Jeff Jozwiak

Jim Jezioro

Kari Loos

Colleen Sanford

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Game Schedule Changes
by posted 08/22/2019

Saturday, 8/24 HOME OPENER Beginner at 10 am, JV at Noon (No Mini Game, Mini Cheer to cheer at JV Game)

Saturday 9/14  HOME GAME Beginner at 2 pm, Mini at 4 pm, JV at 6 pm and Varsity at 8 pm (AT ALDEN)

Saturday 9/28 HOME GAME JV at 9 am, Varsity (at Alden) at 11 am and Mini at 1 pm (No Beginner Game)

If you signed up for concessions, the schedule has been changed to reflect the new times/games.  If you can no longer work the shift, please log in and change your shift to another that is available.  If you need to change, please do so by the end of next week, so we know what vacancies need to be filled.  Thank you for your continued support!


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by posted 08/22/2019



Parents, Board Members, and Participants;


Hello everyone , im Laura the acting President for the 2019 season. We had our monthly board meeting last night i have to say it was great having a full room again. Thank you to all that attended.

We had some open spots on the board so we decided to have nominations and had 5 new member join us. Thank you to all who excepted. I also would like to thank the ladies who are taking on the role of organizing some fun evenings we hope to provide for the kids an adults.

As part of our orgnization I wanted to remind all who are involved including, participants, parents, and board members we have to keep a code of conduct in an out of the organization. That is including games, practices, school, any public appearences, and social media. we can not suport foul language, fighting, or even social media disputes regarding our orginization and any of our opponents, parents, kids, families ect..They will have to be removed or deleted if they are seen by Adminstration of site on our request.  Alden is a small town its our resposibility as participants to represent it.

If there are any issues, problems, complaints, the proper protocol pending on the issue is the coach first if its in regards to team or parents, if not resolved or its involving a bigger than a team issue it goes to Wayne the Commisioner of our league. It continues to the Sgt @ Arms ( Jamie to be disputed if needed. Don't be affraid to approach the President (myself) with any questions or Cheer Coordinator (Kristin)  as well, as we will help an direct it to the right person to ressolve any issues.


Thank you all for your support an understanding, dedication to AJFC and your awesome kids we get to work with.


Laura Koch


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AFJC Board Meeting
by posted 08/21/2019

Reminder AJFC's monthly board meeting is tonight at 8 pm (after practices end) at the Community Center at the front of the park. All parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend and become involved in the program.
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Home Opener Update Schedule
by posted 08/21/2019

We are very disheartened to say that the Mini Game is cancelled again. The new game schedule will be 10:00 am Beginner Game and then JV will play at Noon. We still need volunteers in the concession stand, if you haven't signed up yet, please do so ASAP. Any questions, please contact ajfc_bulldogs@yahoo.com
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by posted 08/19/2019

Picture day has been moved to TUESDAY, August 27th (not Wed. sorry about that) to ensure that all participants have their full gameday uniforms.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Busy Week Ahead!
by posted 08/18/2019


WEDNESDAY is PICTURE DAY.  Photographer will be there at 5:30 pm.  Once a team has all players there, we will do the team picture then you can start practice.  Please wear full game day gear!

WEDNESDAY is also the Monthly Board Meeting at 8 p.m. at the Community Center.  All parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  We need more parents to be involved to move this program forward into the future.  We  currently have open board seats and will have vacancies at the end of season.  Come and see how you can help improve our program!

SATURDAY is our HOME OPENER!  If anyone is willing to donate baked goods for the concession stand, please contact ajfc_bulldogs@yahoo.com.



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Great Day for Alden Football
by posted 08/17/2019

Our beginner team worked hard against Attica.  The Mini's had a bye this week.  The JV team won 21-6 at Attica.  Our Varsity team (Tritown) won 28-0 against Albion!  Great Job Bulldogs and Trojans!  Next week is our home opener versus Medina! Varsity will be home at Tritown v. Oakfield/Elba.  GO BULLDOGS!  GO TROJANS!

If anyone has pictures that they would like to share on our website and facebook page, please forward to ajfc_bulldogs.com!

If you haven't signed up for your volunteer hours, please do so this week!

Don't forget Monday is the Gold Card Blitz.  Please wear your jersey or cheer uniform or bulldog gear!

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by posted 08/11/2019


The Gold Card Blitz is a one night event.  This is a Mandatory Fundraiser to recover the cost of having free registration this year.  Registration usually covers the cost to recondition and/or replace helmets and uniforms and cheer uniforms and cheer competition expenses.  We will need funds in the account to cover these expenses this season and during the off season.  Each participant is expected to sell at least 10 Gold Cards.

You can arrive no earlier than 6 pm at the equipment shed.

You can turn in your preorders with the money and recieve the Gold Cards.

You will also recieve 10 Gold Cards to sell door to door that evening.  You will pick a street/neighborhood within the Town of Alden.  We encourage groups of at least 2.  Each participant in your group will receive 10 cards to sell.  NOTE: That you may not be able to get your neighborhood and you may need to drive to your assign neighborhood.  Assignments given on first come first serve basis.  

You will return when you sell your cards or no later than 8 pm.  When you return, you will turn in all money and unsold cards.  YOU MUST RETURN THAT EVENING WITH PAYMENT AND/OR UNSOLD CARDS.

THANK YOU for supporting AJFC and the future of Football in Alden!

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Volunteer Hours
by posted 08/02/2019

Each family is required to volunteer at least 6 hours in the concession stand and/or during post season NOFA events.  You can sign up via the website under "Volunteering" Tab on the home page.  Please note if you sign up for post season events, the specific times, location and jobs will be determined by NOFA closer to the event, you are not expected to work 9 a to 9 p as posted but the hours that we are assigned will be during that timeframe.

Any questions or concerns, please contact ajfc_bulldogs@yahoo.com.

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The Countdown Begins!
by posted 06/29/2019

One month from today is our first practice!  There will be a brief meeting at 6:00 pm then the participants will go with their coaches to their practice area.  Parents are asked to stay to hand in birth certificates and pictures, to sign up for concession stand and post season events and to pick up the fundraiser.

We need more participants, especially 6-9 year old boys.  Please ask your friends to join us!  

Please consider ways you can help AJFC grow. We need more coaches and board members.  AJFC will be celebrating 50 years in 2020.  Let's all think like our charter members and grow the game!

More information about opening day will be provided as we do our countdown.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact ajfc_bulldogs@yahoo.com.  

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by posted 06/25/2019

We are waiving all fees this season!  Yes, it is FREE!!! NO DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED!!!!

Many things have changed since last season.  We have many new board members with fresh ideas and eagerness to fulfill our mission.  We are looking for more parents to help carry us into the future.


DAILY NUMBER LOTTERY TICKETS= Each participant MUST sell 15 daily number lottery tickets.    They can resell tickets and turn in ticket   Each ticket is a $10 donation to AJFC.  You can get your tickets at any of our open registrations or on the first day of practice. 

GOLD CARDS- Each participant is expected to sell 10 Gold Cards, more information to follow.

MANDATORY VOLUNTEERING:  Each family is expected to volunteer minimum of SIX hours in the concession stand during games and/or at NOFA post season events as required by the League.  AJFC Board Members are working hard raising money and servicing our community.  Please see our website for other preseason events that we could use some volunteers.  Student Volunteers can earn hours too.    

FAMILY EVENTS:  We are hoping to be able to hold a Spirit Night, if some parents can help volunteer. We are invited to be recognized at a Varsity Game on the new field.  And bringing back some old traditions between the cheerleaders and football players.


MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: AJFC provides most required equipment and uniforms. 

Footwear: Each participant is responsible to purchase own footwear.  Football cleats or specific   cheer shoe, as determined by the Cheerleading Coordinator.

Undergarments:  Football players required to provide own protective cup/Jill.  Cheerleaders         need to purchase own spanx for under their skirts.

Mouth guards:  Football players must also purchase their own mouthguards.

Jersey:  Game Jerseys are provided to players.  Players may also purchase their jersey for $50*   based on last season actual cost, price subject to change.  Please contact Wayne Lavis, if with size needed, if you will need a jersey this year.  Player must provide own practice jersey/t-shirt.



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Welcome to AJFC
by posted 05/24/2019

Welcome to the 2019 Season!  This is our 49th year as Alden Junior Football & Cheerleading Association, so we have a long history to build upon. The best part about AJFC is the kids. Seeing the park come to life on the first night of practice is second only to the first game day. It is always exciting to see the kids in their uniforms. All of us remember the first time our child put on their uniform. The thrill of being part of a team beams from the smile that spreads across their face. Much more important than scoreboards and judges, are the memories our kids make each season.


As some of you know, this is a non-profit organization operated by the parents and overseen by an elected Board of Directors (parents like yourself.)  All Directors, Commissioners, Coordinators, and Coaches volunteer their time and no one receives any salary. All of AJFC’s funds are committed to providing a quality experience for our football and cheerleading participants. The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 pm, at the Whistle Stop Inn. PLEASE NOTE THE AUGUST MEETING WILL BE AT THE COMMUNITY CENTER AT THE FRONT OF THE PARK IMMEDIATELY AFTER PRACTICE.  These meetings are always open to the public and we welcome and encourage participation. Please remember that we are all volunteers, and if there is something that you think could be improved then we encourage to talk to one of the board members or coaches.  You can find contact information for each our Board of directors and their committee assignment on our website.  Emails can besent to ajfcbulldogs@yahoo.com, please allow a few days for a response as we are all volunteers.  You may also call/text the President, Football Commissioner and Cheerleading Coordinator for more urgent matters.


Running a football and cheerleading program is very costly. We receive no funding from the Federal, State, Town or Village governments. Registration fees provide only a small part of the funds required to finance the program. Fundraisers and the concession stand at home games provide the additional operational funds. Home games require a lot of work from our team of parents. Volunteer opportunities are available in the concession stand, setting up and cleaning up the fields and helping with various tasks during the games.  There are also many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Your participation models the importance of civic duty and shows your dedication to the participants.  You can contact your Team Mom/ Manager to volunteer.


Every Coach for AJFC is NYCSA certified   They all have passed a background check.  All football coaches are also trained in Heads Up technique.  Player safety is our primary objective.  At least one coach on each team is CPR certified.


Most practices are open, and you are encouraged to observe your child. Some practices may be closed so that the participants can prepare for their game or competition without distractions.

We appreciate your cooperation with respecting the coach’s decision to close a practice.


It is very important that each athlete try to make all practices and arrive on time.  These sessions are needed for conditioning to prevent injuries and to make certain that your child is receiving proper training and instruction as they participate in the ultimate team sports of football and cheerleading. Coaches are available to talk with you before or after practices regarding questions or concerns.  We ask that everyone refrain from talking to the coaches about the game for at least 24 hours after the game unless it is an urgent matter of safety.  If a parent/guardian has concerns about their child or coaching activities, they should first address the issue with the head coach, and then to either the Football Commissioner or Cheerleading Coordinator.


Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s team mom/manager for “off field” activities such as volunteering, fundraisers, banquet, etc.


As a Board we hope that you and your child take an active role in AJFC. We are all here for the children, and as an added bonus:  new, long-standing friendships have been known to start on our football fields.




AJFC Board of Directors

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by posted 03/17/2019

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